Subs and Costs

The boring bit!


Subs are currently £40 payable termly, preferably by Direct Debit set up through MySCOUT.  This makes everything so much easier for us as leaders, and you as parents.

If this is not possible, we can also accept payments by

  • cheque made payable to Loughborough Endowed Schools Scout Group
  • or bank transfer – Account No. 53154584  Sort code – 60-14-10.

If you pay by bank transfer, please use your child’s name as reference and let your current Section Leader know when it has been paid, or if you have set up a standing order.

Cash can only be taken in exceptional circumstances.

There will also be additional costs for trips, camps and other activities.  These can also be paid for by Direct Debit through MySCOUT.  Once the ‘Camps and Events’ DD is set up, you authorise payments for the events you sign your child up to.  Events will have a cut-off date and will clearly state the date the payment will be taken from your account.  After the cut-off date it is also not usually possible to sign up for an event.

Badges, woggles and neckers are provided by the Group, however we do need to charge replacement costs for lost neckers, woggles and badges.

Please see your Section Leader if you require replacement items.


Scouting aims to be inclusive to all, and financial assistance is available.  Please feel free to talk to your Section Leader in absolute confidence, should you require help.