Help! I need somebody!


Don’t worry, you won’t be suddenly left in charge of 30 young people whilst the Leaders go to the pub!

Getting stuck in!

We do have a Safeguarding Code of Practice, and it’s important to read through this and familiarise yourself with the basics.  There is also a large printed copy in the Scout Hut.

Some things which you might be helping with are listed here – but it’s important to remember that you will never be asked to do anything you’re uncomfortable with!  If you have a mortal fear of mud, glitter, or heights – just let us know!

  • Listen to the young people and encourage them to participate
  • Encourage them to join in the games, and help to referee and ensure fair play!
  • Interact with the young people, helping them with activities and generally encouraging them to try their best.
  • Encourage young people to work together in a team to find the solution for themselves.
  • Try to avoid staying close to your own child – encourage them to work away from you, both of you will have more fun!
  • Refreshments for adults can be found in the kitchen, please help yourself if you wish.  We only provide Beavers with water during meeting times.  Beaver Scouts should also not have access to the kitchen area.
  • Last, but not least – have FUN and enjoy the activities!

If you are unable to do a date you have selected, please swap with another parent and please let us know.

Your other children my accompany you on your rota evening, but they remain your responsibility at all times.

If you have any queries or concerns at all, don’t hesitate to contact the leadership team