Moving up to Cubs

Join the pack!


What could possibly be more exciting than Beavers? Cubs of course!!

When Beavers are around 8 years old they usually move up to the Cubs section.  We tend to move small groups together at the beginning of each term, and as your child approaches their moving date they will be contacted by both the Beaver and Cubs section leaders.

One of the Beaver leaders will go with them for the first meeting and they then typically spend a couple of weeks attending both sections (Cubs on a Thursday as well as Beavers on a Friday).

On their last week with Beavers they will be given a good send off and we will wish them well with their Scouting adventure.


There is some flexibility in moving up dates, as Beavers can move to Cubs any time after they turn seven and a half, and can stay in Beavers until they are eight and a half.  This means that there is scope to move groups of friends together, or for Beavers to finish off badge work before they leave.

We hope that most Beavers will achieve their Chief Scout Bronze Award before they leave, however if they only have a small amount to finish, they are allowed to complete it in their first term at Cubs if necessary.