Getting Started

What happens first?



Beaver group_BIf your child is interested in coming along to Beaver Scouts it’s important to let us know as soon as possible as we do have a waiting list!

Please send an email with their name and date of birth to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We usually run three intakes a year – just after each half-term.  This gives the new Beavers a few weeks to try it out, before being invested at the end of term.  They don’t need a uniform when they start, although they will need to have one by their investiture evening (this is when they make their Beaver Promise).

To help you out as busy parents, for children at Fairfield we run a collection service to take the young people straight from school to Beavers.  We pick up the Year 1 and Year 2 children from the classrooms and escort them to a designated meeting room.  Year 3 children will make their own way over to the meeting room.  Here they can get changed before we all walk down to the Scout Centre.  Parents are welcome to help their child with getting changed and to help accompany us all or part way down to the Scout Centre.  Unfortunately, we cannot currently provide such a service for children from OLCS.

It is important to return your child collection form as we cannot collect your child without written authorisation.

To help us out as leaders we run a Parent Rota, and we would typically expect each family to help out once each term.  We cannot run a quality programme without this help and we really appreciate all the effort our regular and ad-hoc helpers put in.

We also expect families to attend the AGM – which is usually accompanied by a BBQ and games and awards.  Probably the most fun you’ll have at an AGM!