Who is in Charge?

Who to contact


Each Section (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) is run by Leaders and Assistant Leaders. These Section Leaders are overseen by the Group Scout Leader (GSL).

The Group is kept in check by our Group Executive Committee.  They are responsible for the overall running of the Group, including financial matters.

Further up the chain, we are accountable to the Loughborough District Commissioner Team and the Leicestershire County Commissioner.

Your first port of call will usually be your child’s Section Leader, however you are free to contact whoever you feel appropriate if you have a problem or complaint.

The Scout Association also has an official Complaints Procedure.

Beaver Scout Leader Corinne Spearing beavers@les-scouts.org.uk
Cub Scout Leader Kellie Hobson cubs@les-scouts.org.uk
Scout Leaders Nick Reynolds,            Paul Leeming scouts@les-scouts.org.uk


Group Scout Leader Ian Hobson gsl@les-scouts.org.uk


Loughborough District Commissioner Tony Griffin tony_griffin@btinternet.com
Leicestershire County Commissioner Carol Black carol.black@leicestershirescouts.org.uk